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      Consisting of Fliport Xiamen. Fliport Fujian, Fliport Qingdao and Fliport Tibet catering companies, etc. Besides the airline catering products, core products such as frozen prepared food and local gifts have been radiating the national market.

Xiamen Fliport Catering Co., Ltd.
       It is a joint venture enterprise established by Iport Group and Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, integrating flight catering, food processing and catering service, which has been the supplier for the transnational chain catering giant Yum! Brands Inc. and Starbucks.

Fujian Fliport Catering Co., Ltd.
       In accordance with the brand concept of ‘100% healthy’, grounded on research and creation,having made the first enterprise standard for ‘frozen lunch box’ in Fujian province, is committed to becoming the most professional cold-chain catering enterprise which provides customers with healthy food.

Tibet Fliport Catering Co., Ltd.
       It is a modernized enterprise integrating flight catering, food processing and catering service which is committed to exploring business closely connecting professional aviation catering with Tibet feature to establish a well-known catering brand in Tibet.

Qingdao Fliport Foods Co., Ltd.
       Qingdao Air Catering build upon its core value of "safe, experience, healthy, care, contemporary and delight", benefiting from its Qingdao geo/political location, focuses on developing professional prepared airline meals and bakary product for Beijing Tianjing Hebei and Eastern China.

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