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Consisting of Anport E-commerce, Anport Cold-chain, Anport Logistics and Fliport Tourism & Hotel Supplies Services companies, relying on the unique operation mode to develop market unceasingly, committed to becoming the most valuable creative platform of office, hotel appliances and supplies of e-commerce in the Western Taiwan Straits Area, also the most valuable cooperative logistics operators.

Xiamen Anport Logistics Group Co., Ltd
    The XIAMEN ANPORT Logistics group relies on its valued experience in the supply chain and logistics fields, through integrating the resources of member enterprises and adopting professional customized supply chain and logistics financial services, to enhances the competitive advantage of cooperative partners. The XIAMEN ANPORT Logistics group devoted to becoming the modern logistics integrated service group that integration of industry and Finance.
Xiamen Anport E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    The only E-commerce company operates business integrating B-2-G, B-2-B and B-2-C in China, by means of modern electronic information technology, provides customers with professional one package purchase service of office equipment & Computer、Communication and Consumer Electronics for hotels.
Xiamen Anport Tendering Co., Ltd.
    It is a tendering agency platform operating bulk purchasing for Xiamen Municipal Government as well as tendering purchase business for state-owned enterprises, owning qualifications of grade B investment, grade B international tendering and grade A government purchase agency.
Xiamen Anport Logistics Management Co., Ltd.
    Operating Xiamen Anport Cold Chain Logistics Center and Xiamen Anport International Business Center, exploring and managing Xiamen Airport Industrial and Logistics Park, is committed to becoming the best regional and industry leading third party cold chain logistics provider and the best logistics management company.
Fujian Anport Logistics Co., Ltd.
    As the core enterprise of the logistics section of Iport Group, with business including air cargo service, multimodal transport, warehousing and delivery service etc., provides professional third party logistics service for enterprises with the support of the advanced logistics system. The company was once selected to be the National Top100 Logistics.
Xiamen Fliport Travel & Hotel Supplies Service Co., Ltd
    With the advantage of Group's resource and endowment, we integrate and collaborate products and services of four professional companies including Fliport Hotel Supplies, Xiamen Giftport, Fliport Laundry & Fliport Tea . "seek high efficiency on-line, seek rich customer experience off-line, seek value -add by synergy operation, seek cost-saving by cooperative purchase." We are devoted to provide hotel customers with full-cycle operation, offer enterprise customers one-stop solution of special gifts and promotion gift. Through the high degree of on-line and off-line integration, we create our own more viable and competitive business model.
Fliport(Xiamen)Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.
    The company provides centralized purchasing services for all Fliport hotels, focuses on the core products and private brand products, gradually develops into a professional hotel supplier through the offline hotel experience center and online mall platform.
Xiamen Fliport Giftport E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    A specialty gift shop online with the mode first in China ‘E-commerce + Airport pickup’, is committed to building a creative gift sale platform providing the best shopping experience for customers, which has set up pick-up shops in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Wuyishan airports.
Xiamen Fliport Laundry Co., Ltd.
    Targeted to high-end customers like upscale hotels and large scale of high-quality clothes, is committed to providing top quality professional laundry service, and is gradually taking a leading role in Fujian province and the east China area.
Fujian Fliport Tea Co., Ltd.
     A wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Iport Goup with registered capital of 10 million RMB. The company is committed to providing customers with high quality tea and tailored tea product gifts. Majority of the tea products are from Fujian and the trademark is registered as the "YanMing Jiuyun", which means rock grown tea, full of charm.

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